• Refugee work

    One of our continual prayers at LifeBridge is that God would allow us to see the world through His eyes -- moving us to action when we see a hurting or broken brother. Our work with the refugee community downtown has been a truly life-changing experience for us.

  • It's God's Money...

    At LifeBridge, we intentionally do without some of the things we'd enjoy for ourselves so that we are able to give more away. A full 50% of all offerings given are set aside for helping the poor, serving in our community, and starting new churches and schools. While that forces us to "live lean", it has opened the door for all sorts of amazing ministry that has truly transformed lives.
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  • Jesus Sent Out 72

    Following Christ is risky, messy and sometimes dangerous. It means going into places you might not normally go, loving people you wouldn’t normally love and risking losing everything for the sake of Jesus Christ. This is the life that Jesus lived, and calls us to live.
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  • Homeless ministry

    After years of working with the Montrose Street Reach downtown, our church has become much more active in recent days with a local ministry called Cy-Fair Helping Hands, which works with the homeless and "sheltered homeless" (living in hotels/motels) in the Cypress area. We look forward to a growing relationship with them as we serve God's people together
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    Nepal Mission Work

    One of the truly exciting opportunities that God has entrusted to our church is the opportunity to have a very hands on involvment in a church planting venture in Nepal. Through ServLife International, we are actively partnering with around 50 indigenous church planters in Nepal to bring the Gospel to the most remote villages in that country. We also sent full time missionaries there to help establish a micro-finance program in some of the most impoverished villages in extremely remote areas of Nepal. This is literally "ends of the earth" ministry that we are humbled and privileged to be a part of.

  • Welcome to Lifebridge!

    Lifebridge Church is currently meeting at Keith Elementary School in Fairfield. The address is 20550 Fairfield Green Dr, Cypress TX. In the very near future we will be relocating to our new church property at 16614 Mueschke Rd.

    Worship starts at 10:10 a.m. Come as you are!

What To Expect

At LifeBridge, every day presents a new opportunity to worship God and share His message by helping others.

Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning worship services take place in the cafeteria of a public school, which is currently Keith Middle School in Cypress, TX. Services are simple, dress is casual, and the music is upbeat contemporary. Expect to be welcomed warmly. Expect the message to challenge you. And expect that you will soon be a part of meaningful projects that will impact the lives of others.

During the Week

At LifeBridge, we believe that we are called to BE the church, not to just go to church. So we fill our weeks serving those around us with the love of Christ. Serving the homeless at a street worship service in Montrose through Montrose Street Reach. Working with refugees and immigrants through the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services. Helping to repair a home that has fallen into disarray. Opportunities to spread His gospel are everywhere, and we are striving to follow God’s heart in reaching people for His name’s sake.

Special Events

Being a mobile church has brought us some rich and meaningful times as a church family. Our Christmas tradition has been to brave the elements and gather in a local barn for a vivid and moving reminder of the messy world that Christ entered into that very first Christmas. Other services and events are held in backyards, local parks, you name it – proving that any place is a good place to serve God.